15+ Easy Healthy Snacks

15+ Easy Healthy Snacks

Whether you’re looking for a bite of sweet, savory, fruity, or nutty, we’ve got you covered with these healthy snacks. Perfect for parties, work, and more!

Whether you’re looking for a bite of sweet, savory, fruity, or nutty, we’ve got you covered with these healthy snacks. Perfect for parties, work, and more!

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Healthy Snacks

Whether you need healthy snacks to take for your next party or something easy and tasty for the kids or for lunch, we’ve got you covered! Over the years, we’ve found that oftentimes we struggle the most to eat well and healthfully anytime we veer away from our daily routines, which usually means weekend hangouts with friends, donut days at work, or pretty much any party. Desserts and junk food, which we usually avoid purchasing and keeping around the house for this very reason, tend to abound at large gatherings, and our willpower depletes more quickly with every cookie or handful of Doritos.

To stay on top of our health goals and to truly feel our best, we find preparation is key, which means making sure we bring healthy snacks to share and enjoy. The nine recipes below are some of our favorite go-to healthy snack options, and since no one wants to spend hours slaving over party snacks, they all come together quickly and easily and/or with minimal hands-on time!

Healthy Dips & Salsas:

Every party needs the perfect dip or salsa to keep guests happy! Check out the options below for fresh healthy salsas to serve with chips, the easiest guacamole that allows you to prep ahead, slow cooker keto friendly buffalo chicken dip, a heavenly peanut butter and honey fruit dip, and a unique and tasty hummus recipe. You’re sure to find your next party appetizer here!

Roasted Hatch Green Chile Peach Salsa is an easy homemade salsa recipe with roasted green chiles and roasted or fresh fruit! Make this green chile salsa recipe with hatch chiles or other green chiles! Use roasted peaches or fresh peaches. Keep it mild, or add extra chiles for a spicy salsa. Use a food processor (or blender) for a quick fresh healthy salsa dip for a party! Better than restaurant salsa, this chunky roasted fruit and green chile salsa is the best make ahead dip for a crowd! #salsa

Roasted Hatch Chile Peach Salsa

Always a crowd pleaser, this salsa needs only a little chopping and a food processor to make if you purchase pre-roasted peppers at the grocery store. If you do roast your own, it adds a little prep time, but the results are worth it! Literally every time we take one of Cory’s salsa’s to a get-together, it gets rave reviews. Seriously, you must try this one! If you’re really pressed for time or can’t find hatch, keep the peaches raw, and swap hatch for anaheim or jalapeño, and you’ll still have a delicious salsa!

Try the best easy homemade salsa recipe with this Mango Jalapeno Salsa. Adjust the number of jalapenos for a spicy dip or for a mild salsa that’s great for kids and parties. Adding in mango gives you a great fruit flavor and pairs perfectly with salty tortilla chips. It’s such a crowd pleaser and is cheap and simple to make ahead of BBQs, birthdays, and get togethers. It’s wonderful to take to work, for kids, or for late night college snacks! Vegetarian, Vegan, Healthy, Clean Eating.

Mango Jalapeno Salsa

Another sweet and spicy chip dip, this easy food processor salsa uses fresh mangoes and jalapeños for a delicious and unique twist on traditional restaurant style salsa. If you don’t want to mess with fresh mangoes, just thaw some chopped frozen mango, and you’re good to go! Quick enough for a weeknight side dish for taco Tuesday and yummy enough to impress friends at your next party! Your guests will rave about this salsa for sure! Adjust heat levels to your preference by either seeding the chiles (milder salsa) or adding one or two more (spicier).

This homemade chipotle salsa recipe is the perfect fresh and easy dip to serve with chips for parties or with tacos for dinner! The BEST home made healthy red chile salsa, packed with veggies (well, fruit!) like tomatoes and chilis! Use a food processor (or blender) for this quick make ahead spicy salsa. A perfect cold appetizer idea for home or party! Better than restaurant salsa! Too hot? Use fewer chiles! Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar free, No added oil

Smoky Chipotle Salsa

If you like a spicy salsa, this should be your new go-to homemade salsa recipe! Made smoky and spicy with chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, this incredibly delicious salsa will rock your world. For kids, adjust the amount of chipotle peppers down a bit, or to really kick it up, add a bit extra. Keep a drink on hand to cool the heat, and enjoy this delicious simple salsa as your perfect snack all week long!

Bowl of Habanero Salsa with Chips

Pineapple Habanero Salsa

This Habanero Pineapple Salsa is fresh and fruity with a nice kick of heat at the end. It’s a great summer snack or appetizer, either to hog all for yourself or to take to parties and get-togethers. It’s probably the most popular salsa I make with my friends and family; they’re always asking if I’ll bring it with when we hang out. You can easily adjust the heat level up or down for your preference, based on how many habaneros you use, so feel free to make it as warm as you’d like! As I jokingly tell my friends, if you don’t stop for long enough between bites, the heat won’t really hit you until the end!

Quick and easy 5-minute guacamole recipe! This homemade dip makes the best healthy, veggie-packed snack. Goes great with salsa! Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Paleo.

Amazing 5-Minute Guacamole!

The perfect partner to any salsa and the best side dish for any taco or fajita meal, this super simple guac takes practically no time to create. You can even prep all the “mix-ins” (onion, cilantro, bell, etc.) in advance with a simple mini food processor, so all you have to do when the time comes is combine the mix-ins with avocados and lime juice. Easy peasy. To up the veggie and healthy factors, swap traditional tortilla chips for halved mini bell peppers for healthy dippers to go along with your delicious dip!

Make the Perfect Peanut Butter Honey dip with green apple slices for a healthy, quick, and super easy snack that’s perfect for kids, for work, and for parties! The perfect balance of sweet and nutty with a healthy dose of protein. Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Delicious.

Apples & The Perfect Peanut Butter Honey Dip

Sometimes my favorite snacks are the ones that take the least amount of effort, and that’s where these shine! I take this super easy healthy snack to work all the time to tide me over from morning smoothie to my typically later lunch. Oh, and want to keep those apples from browning for several days without adding lime/lemon juice? Use a ceramic knife to cut them! I freaking love this trick, and it allows me to prep in advance—always a bonus! This healthy snack is popular with kids too!

Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Dip

For a higher protein and low carb choice, you have to try this crazy simple buffalo chicken dip served with celery sticks! It’s a hit at any party and ridiculously easy to make. Scale the recipe up or down easily (ingredients below are for 2 pound of chicken, so halve, double, or triple to your liking; just be prepared to adjust cook times), and make shredding in the crock pot even easier with these awesome meat claws! Keto friendly, easy to make dairy free, and delicious; this is the perfect easy snack for game day or for late night snacking for a crowd!

Make up a creamy homemade dip for your next party with this healthy roasted poblano hummus; a smoky twist on the classic garbanzo spread. Poblano peppers are a simple way to add smokiness and make your appetizer a bit spicy. This recipe is so easy; just add ingredients to the food processor and mix up. Great to make ahead for summer BBQs, potlucks, or as an on the go snack. Best served cold with veggies or as a dip for pita chips. Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Low Carb, Clean Eating.

Simple Roasted Poblano Hummus

A smoky, slightly spicy twist on a classic, this food processor hummus makes a delicious dip for pita bread and all sorts of veggies. We often eat this for an easy, light lunch as well. The roasting of the poblanos does take some ahead of time prep, which we often do the day before while we’re making dinner or something, and a bit of extra hands-on time to peel the pepper skins off shortly after roasting. We definitely believe that little bit of extra time is worth it, though! Sometimes you can buy pre-roasted and peeled peppers, making this a cinch to throw together on a busy weeknight.

Energy Packed Sweets: Bites, Bars, & Healthy Cookies

Whether you need a quick breakfast on the go, a hiking snack, or road trip food, these sweet and yummy energy bites and snack bars will keep you satisfied and going all day long! Made with whole food ingredients, you can trust these clean eating snacks to keep you feeling great.

Whip up a batch of the best no bake Blueberry Lavender Lemon Healthy Energy Bites! Perfect for easy breakfasts, simple snacks on the go, or for desserts, this healthy protein-packed recipe is loaded with almond butter, oats, dried blueberries, lemon, and more. Great for kids and adults alike! Take them to school, to work, on vacation, or just snack on them throughout your day. Dairy free, Vegan, Clean Eating, Oil free, no Refined Sugars.

Blueberry Lemon Lavender Energy Bites:

With bright lemon, naturally sweet blueberries, and a hit of lavender, these heavenly energy bites will sweep you away! You will want to make these all the time to have on hand for easy afternoon snacks, healthy breakfasts on the go, or as healthy fruity dessert options. Trust me, even if you’re skeptical of the lavender (which you could omit if you really can’t stand it), you’ll love these simple energy bites; even Cory has decided they might beat out his old favorite combo of chocolate and peanut butter!

No-Bake Cherry Chocolate Brownie Bites-an easy, healthy dessert recipe or snack on the go! Perfect for the holidays, a party, or just an afternoon energy bite. These chocolate cherry energy balls are Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free. Also makes for a quick breakfast idea!

No Bake Chocolate Cherry Brownie Bites

With my sweet tooth and general chocolate addiction, I couldn’t create a list of my favorite snacks without including these healthy chocolate cherry brownie bites. Simple and clean energy balls, just a few of these rich, dense bites of cherry chocolate magic will satisfy your craving for sweets without leaving you with the jittery, exhausting aftermath of their highly processed counterparts. I eat these as a healthy dessert, an afternoon snack, or even for an easy breakfast on-the-go. Best of all, we found a delicious dried cherry with no sugars or oils added! Score!

cranberry oatmeal cookie bites in a container with fresh cranberries nearby

Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie Energy Bites

If you’re looking for a delicious, cranberry packed winter dessert or late fall snack, oh boy do I have the cranberry oatmeal cookie recipe for you! Actually, no matter what time of year it is, you can totally rock these. They’re ridiculously easy to make, and you’ve got to love no-bake cookie recipes, right? No waiting for baking and cooling. Perfect. Even better, you probably have most or even all the ingredients needed for these insanely easy and tasty holiday cookie bites in your pantry right now!

citrus fig and almond snack bars stacked with parchment paper near almonds and oranges

4 Ingredient Citrus Fig & Almond Snack Bars:

If you love sweet treats but want to stick to clean eating and simple food, these are the way to go! Made with only figs, almonds, orange zest, and salt, these whole food treats will truly wow you; they’re sweet and feel decadent and indulgent even though they’re super healthy and nutritionally dense! Best of all, you can make these snack bars quickly in a food processor! Easy healthy snacks are the best, right?

Try this simple recipe for how to make healthy no bake chocolate peanut butter cookies! Packed with peanut butter, chocolate chips, peanuts, and oatmeal, this from scratch soft chewy cookie is flourless and has no refined sugar. Make a batch of these delicious easy homemade treats for snacks, desserts, or for light meals. Pack them in your lunches or send them with the kids to school! Makes a great cheap late night bite. Only 7 ingredients. Clean Eating, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free.

Healthy No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies:

You can’t go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate, and these no bake chocolate peanut butter cookies are simple, quick, and super healthy! Full of superfood ingredients, these no bake cookies make a guilt-free snack, an epic healthy dessert, or a clean eating grab and go breakfast cookie. You might want to just double the batch from the start!

Need an easy healthy snack that’s full of great fruit flavor? Blend up these strawberry cherry apple chia bars and pop them in the dehydrator for a homemade vegan snack recipe! This is a great treat for beginners to vegan eating, as it requires minimal ingredients and only basic steps. These bars make wonderful breakfasts, snacks on the go, energy boosts for the kids after school or for after work, or for a sweet dessert after a meal. Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Clean Eating, No Added Sweetener.

Strawberry Cherry Apple Chia Bars:

If you have a dehydrator and like keeping your snacks raw, this is the fruit bar for you! Food process the fresh ingredients, mix in the chia, and pour it into a mold on the teflex (or similar) sheets of your dehydrator tray. If you’d rather make fruit leather instead (think healthy fruit roll ups), blend the fruit in a blender until smooth, add the chia, and pour into thin, even sheets on your teflex lined dehydrator trays. These bars don’t do so well in an oven, though, so we truly do recommend using a dehydrator for these healthy fruit snacks. They are delicious, have only a few ingredients, and are great hiking food, road trip snacks, or healthy breakfasts on the go.

Trail Mixes, Nuts, Granolas, Popcorns, & More:

Need a new snack for movie night or to keep stashed at work in your snack drawer? These healthy snacks and mixes make perfect easy snacks for every day. Whether you need a pick me up in the car on your next road trip or need a better late night munchie, we’ve got you covered!

Easy Sweet & Salty Trail Mix

If you love the sweet and salty combinations as much as we do, you’ll love this trail mix. We make batches of this both for parties and to keep in our desks at work as a much healthier choice than the donuts and cakes lurking in the break rooms. Just mix together the ingredients, and you’ve got the perfect on-the-go treat!

Learn how to make baked coconut chips. Try this quick & easy homemade recipe for a healthy, tasty snack! Try all 5 flavors! Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, & Paleo.

Coconut Chips 5 Ways

For a quirky, fun sweet or savory snack, pick a few (or all!) of these coconut chips for your next gathering. I adore the pumpkin pie and mocha flavors, while Cory always reaches for the curried ones. Make sure to use coconut chips or flakes, not shredded coconut (you want to get the larger pieces), and steer clear of the sweetened stuff!

Chili Lime Seasoning with popcorn in a bowl

Chile Lime Popcorn

Using only 3 ingredients, this Chile Lime popcorn is a savory treat that’s sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. Pop up a batch to use as snacks or in lunches throughout the week, or pop up a big bowl before settling down for movie night with your partner or with the family. Have some available as an after work or after school bite, or make extra for board game night. It would make a great addition to tailgate parties and game days as well!

Green Chile Popcorn

Perfect for a movie marathon with friends or a light afternoon snack, I highly recommend you try this easy popcorn recipe, especially if you’re a fan of spicy foods. It’s not super hot as is, but you could definitely kick it up a notch if you so desire, and if spicy isn’t your thing, go a little lighter on the green chile powder (it does add great flavor) or leave it out entirely! Cory and I love the hint of chile flavor in this, but I regularly make it without the chile powder if I’m not feeling quite as spicy. Either way, it’s super tasty! (Oh, and if you want the best pepper grinder EVER, this is it!)

Chocolate Berry Banana Granola is an easy healthy breakfast! This homemade healthy granola recipe is gluten free, full of healthy chocolate, & has naturally dried fruits. No sugar or oil added dried cherries, banana chips, and dried bluberries! No nuts in this simple berry chocolate crunchy granola! This chocolate berry banana granola also makes a perfect healthy sweet snack. Greatnfor kids & for teens as an on-the-go sweet snack. Make it for a road trip or work for adults! #granola #glutenfree

Chocolate Berry Banana Granola

If you think of granola as just a breakfast food, time to think again! This incredible superfood snack mix will pick you up and keep you going all day long. Keep it at work for an energy boosting snack, or have it for the kids as a clean but sweet afternoon snack! Follow the links in the recipe for help finding dried fruits without sweeteners or oils added to keep this granola snack mix a = whole foods treat that won’t undermine your health goals. Allergy friendly, the base chocolate granola has no nuts and can be made with either sunflower or coconut oil!
Try this easy healthy recipe for BBQ almonds! Click through for how to make these simple sweet and smoky snacks. Almonds are coated in spices and maple syrup and then roasted up for a quick on the go homemade savory treat; they’re also great ideas for work and for school, for parties, or as yummy late night snacks. Make a batch to take on a road trip for you and the kids. Low Carb, Gluten Free, Keto, Paleo, Clean Eating, Vegan, Vegetarian, No Artificial Sweeteners.

Smoky & Savory BBQ Almonds:

If you love store-bought BBQ or smokehouse almonds (or if you just like spicy or smoky flavors in general), you NEED to make these homemade BBQ almonds! With a DIY spice blend, a little sweetness from maple syrup, and natural smoke flavor brought by quality liquid smoke, you’ll quickly find yourself addicted to these BBQ flavored nuts. Just mix the ingredients, toss in the almonds, and roast them up for a perfect appetizers, easy healthy work snack, or perfect clean eating late night munchie!

Up Close Garlic Herb Nut Mix

Garlic Herb Nut Mix

This Garlic Herb Nut Mix recipe is so simple and so tasty, and is one of Cory’s favorite savory snacks. It features minimal ingredients (3 ingredients plus whatever nuts you’re using), is prepped and ready in 40 minutes or less, and makes an awesome savory snack or lunch addition. It’s perfect for after school snacks or for an energy boost in the afternoons at work. You can also make up several batches to give out as holiday gifts or to take to a party!


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